European elections post on Equal Times!

Good afternoon, everybody! Today is the last day of the European elections and i would like to purpose you an article that I wrote  Eurosceptics’ role in the future Europarliament for Equal Times.

Eurosceptics claim to be the people’s champions, but is it possible that they may represent somehow a threat to workers and consumers’ rights because of their electoral success? You can read a few excerpts here.


“The eurosceptic parties claim to put Europe’s people at the centre of their policies, unlike the mainstream parties in the European Parliament.

But their populist electoral promises – to leave the Eurozone for example – are likely to be completely unworkable if they are elected into the Parliament.

In addition, these groups lack the kind of political cohesion that may help them to create a functional European political family”

You can read the full article here:

Enjoy the reading and…do not forget to cast your vote! #EP2014

of the UK Independence Party has sold himself, quite succ


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