Interview with Andrea Marinelli Part 2


Your blog Trading Post recently moved on the Corriere website. Do you believe that Italian journalism is progressively adapting itself to the web, by enlarging and expanding its language and proficiency?

We are in the middle of a revolution and we need to learn how to manage it. Italian journalism is still looking for its solution, but the web is clearly attracting more and more attention by the traditional media. We are still far away from a sustainable use of the Web, there will be the need of finding new rules and rewriting new ones. Anyway, currently, we need the courage to dare and reorganize. I believe that this is the path to follow.

You have utilized the crowdfunding in order to finance your journey. Do you believe that this instrument may be the key for financing investigative journalism and foreign correspondences, in an age where the media are facing a massive crisis? What is the effective crowdfunding’s potentiality?

I believe that foreign correspondences are fundamental for journalism, and that our daily newspapers should open themselves in that direction rather than choosing an even more isolationist instance. For sure, the expenditure issue must be solved, maybe by cutting the benefits. I believe that money must be spent, in order to reach a good product, but in a clever way. I don’t believe that crowdfunding represents absolutely the solution for what concerns correspondents and reporters , but it can represent a support in some conditions. There’s the need of finding a sustainable way. In my case, without a newspaper backing me, i have asked my readers for help in order to cover the journey expenditures. After that, anyway, newspapers and magazines have paid me for my job.

You can follow Andrea on the Corriere, and on Twitter in addition!

Photo by Marco Miraglia 


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