Interview with Sukran Moral Part 2


“The Lynching of an Artist” , Sukran Moral (

Art can be a powerful instrument for the dissent’s expression; which role is played by the artists ?

I did not believe it before, but they managed to realize a peaceful revolution, also trough the mean of Art. Irony, performance as Art used to protest, to be understood. This is incredible! I have never seen so much Creativity. I am working since many years, using performances in order to break taboos. All of this means that they worked.

Yes, Art can make a change.

The AKP’s economic policy and the discriminations of the marginalized members of Society; how much criticism to these two elements is present in the current protest’s movement?

The people, the funding center of every democracy, is sick of this condition. Citizens and journalists sympathizing for the Occupy Gezi movement have lost their jobs. At first the government attacked the artists, the intellectuals, in general the free thinkers. The government made a great effort in this repression, creating a condition of lynching . They basically have the presumption of imposing to us the way to live. People has been and keeps on being humiliated by ignorance.

According to what you are seeing, what are the perspectives of this large protest movement, in front of the Erdogan’s government fistful of steel?

I think that the road will be very long. But the people will keep on defending the Republic, until the end. Democracy, Laity. No one wants to be ruled as in the Middle Age.

Someone wants to carry Turkey in the Middle Age, like oxen, but they would not manage to do that. We are different.

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