Voices from Turkey-Interview with Musa Copur Part 3




We have heard of criticism towards Erdogan’s government many times during the last years. Is it possible to say then that this movement has consolidated its roots in the last years?

It is definitely possible to say that this movement has consolidated its roots in the last years. AKP is governing Turkey as a single-party-government since November 2002. This has not been changed also in 2007 and 2011 elections. Religion, the relationship with partisans based on mutual benefits, transformation of the media into a partisan media, infiltration into all critical positions, the paradigm of the relationship between capital and dominance have all helped AKP to get stronger. It is also possible to say that the weak opposition and election threshold (10%) in Turkey have a significant role.

Since it is expected that AKP will also be the leader party in next elections, its policies become more radical, it started to arrange society according to religious references, and relationships based on economical interests, pressures on all other political attempts and arrests have increased. By the changes in educational system, alcohol prohibitions, strict arrangements on abortion law and sales of morning-after pills, and finally the demolition plan of TaksimGeziPark, the tolerance threshold of people has been overstepped, the roots of an uprising have been grown and people have started to rise. One-man policies of Erdogan, his personal tone and insultation have intensified these roots.


What are the next perspectives of this movement? Do you believe that some political force could take this challenge or this would continue as an independent movement?

The resistance does not consist of a single political view but of neo-nationalists, kemalists, socialists, communists, democrats, nationalists, feminists, homosexuals and apolitical masses, and this make the movement an independent civil movement. It is not possible to control this mass by a single political influence. All political parties participating at the resistance will go through the process by getting stronger; however, it is not possible to see a tendency toward a single direction. It is also possible in the elections at the end of the process to see more powerful alliances among the parties supporting the resistance.

Current movement has awakened and mobilized a great apolitical mass. It is certain that the movement will increase the awareness on social inequality, capitalist economical system, starvation and poverty, ecological demolition, social gender, LGBT, press freedom and justice. The change has started to appear in the conscious of masses and it will yield result in the long-term. Movements of seeking justice will gain strength, and people will not be scared of demonstrations and other political attitudes. In the short-term, it is difficult to interpret the results of the demonstrations. The patience, persistence and attitude against violence of demonstrators and the discourses and attitude of the government will lead the process. The demonstrators have depicted their demands, and we hope to maintain the demonstrations until these demands come true.


During the time Musa was preparing this interview the police attacked people in Istanbul and Ankara with no real reason. A young man died  on 12.06.2013 named Mehmet Ethem Sarılülük in Ankara…


Pictures by Musa Copur


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