Voices from Turkey-Interview with Musa Copur Part 2



What’s the current attitude of Turkish media in front of the massive protests and the relative police’s repression?

“According to the Press Freedom Index 2013, Turkey’s score was 55 and it was on 117th rank in 2012. You can see that Turkey shares its rank with Columbia, Congo, Nepal and Senegal. This year, the score is 56 and the rank is 120. We are sharing our rank with Congo, Fiji, Liberia, Macedonia and The Seychelles. In Turkey, there are 67 imprisoned journalists including some editors in chief.

The resistance showed that the media is completely under political influence in Turkey. Except 2 television channels which belong to opposition parties, no channel broadcasted the demonstrations for days and all their broadcastings have disinformation purposes.

Except dissident newspapers and journals, all national newspapers have become the spokesmen of the government. Many years ago in Turkey, most of the national newspapers had been brought under the control of capitalist bosses and since then, they have been serving to the purposes of the system.

When demonstrators started to boycott the banks, the affiliated TV channels started to broadcast about demonstrations in order to prevent their economical losses; even then, they cannot make independent broadcastings.

They are not broadcasting police violence, and journalists displaying police violence are arrested. Some policemen hide their ID numbers on their helmets by sticking tapes and attack demonstrators by preventing their violence to be revealed. The social media has become the actual communication tool of demonstrators. Twitter and Facebook are the most used websites; however, police forces have been tracking their accounts on these platforms and arresting some Twitter and Facebook users in order to suppress the social media.

It is seen that AKP has been quite successful for creating a partisan media during 10 years as a result of capital relationship with the media and oppression on it. The violence and the reaction are much more than those shown in the media.



Do you personally believes that there is a common connection between the current protests in Turkey and the various Occupy movements spread in Europe, in the U.S and so on?

The protests in Turkey are definitely connected with the protests in Europe and in the U.S.  Protests in Turkey have participated in the protests in other countries against capitalist, neo-liberal and imperialist policies. Although there are different motives in the demonstrations of each country, it is seen in the grand scheme of things that the world is a total economical and political depression. The system has reached to an unsustainable point.

An oppressive, unfair, destroyer period uniforming and creating a global crisis has started in the world. The discourses such as development, growth, democratization, and increase in the level of welfare have lost their plausibility, and they have become a tool of capitalist world for hypnotizing people.

At this point, Turkey has taken its place in the world resistance.


It continues and concludes in Part 3




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