Voices from Turkey- Interview with Musa Copur Part 1


Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! I am going to end the Blockupy Chronicles in the next days but in the meantime i would like to purpose to your attention a voice from Turkey’s protests, precisely Musa Copur’s one. Musa is a trainer from Ankara and is actively participating to the protests in Turkey’s capital city. You can read the first part of our discussion below.


AKP’s policies are depicted in the media during the #occupyturkey movements as a menace to the State’s laity to one hand and also criticized for their economic applications. Is the movement  demonstrating against the government for both the reasons?

Even though the current resistance in Turkey began with the GeziPark’s demolition plan for the realization of a new mall, there is a series of reasons for the resistance of such a huge crowd. The reason is not limited with the apparent and known reasons. It is about the religion-based politics getting more and more dictated on current lifestyles and management approach, the neo-liberal capitalist attack destroying life step by step, and growing economical depression of citizens despite the economical rise of Turkey. The movement is against the AKP practices which dictate conservative lifestyle on the society and create an economical benefit chain among its supporters.

In this respect, while political Islamic approach of the country and economical policies are protested, there are also many other reasons such as independent journalism issues, political lawsuits lasting for years, the system which has become a police state and infiltration into all critical positions etc.

People do not want to be despised, scorned, discriminated, or intervened into their lifestyles; they do not want any social oppression… The objection is against the one-man regime which turns into a police state.

The demonstrations started in Istanbul concerning the Gezi Park’s demolition plan for the realization of a new mall. For what concerns Ankara, are there also local elements of protest in the capital?

GeziPark was the originating point of the resistance, and of course it was the most apparent one. As I said before, there are many reasons for the resistance other than the known ones. There are demonstrations in many cities of Turkey, not only in Ankara. More than 600 demonstrations were held in 81 cities. Since the cities such as Ankara, Izmir and Antalya were metropolitan cities, they were noticed much more than other small cities, but the resistance continues in many cities currently. There also supporting demonstrations in many cities of other countries. Since Ankara is the capital city, it has become one of the cities which felt political oppression and police violence more. People are carrying out demonstrations in every district of Ankara and police violence has been increasing.




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