Blockupy Chronicles Part 1

 I came to Frankfurt for covering Blockupy 2013, a mass protest brought in a city far more than symbolical. Frankfurt is also called ‘Bankfurt’ because of the presence of many banks, such as Deutsche Bank, but the main important one and the target of the mass protest against the Troika policies was clearly the European Central Bank, located in Kaiserstrasse.


When i arrived in the city, i have noticed the massive effort realized by the Police aimed at surrounding with barriers the European Central Bank and more in general, most of the Financial District before the demonstrations’ beginning . Actually the presence of the Police in the city, was very relevant, most likely supported by reinforcements coming from the neighbouring cities.


The days of demonstration were set on Friday 31 May and Saturday 1 June, in the context of the Peoples United Against the Troika Day of Mobilization ( a day of demonstrations set in France, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Germany….). A camp was organized this year, called Camp Anticapitalista, located in Rebstock, part of Frankfurt’s suburbs.




The aim of the camp was the one of hosting the activists from Germany and the rest of Europe, but also of organizing and discussing the organization and the guidelines during the days of protest. On Thursday the 30th i walked to Frankfurt Main Station in order to reach the Camp and i was not alone at all; a lot of activist were also waiting there for the bus headed to Rebstock. In the Camp i asked permission for taking pictures and ‘portraying’ the context as a blogger at the Info Point. While i was walking i started to hear many different languages from different parts of Europe, German for sure, but also Italian and Spanish. The presence of the Italian activists was relevant, alongside Global Project (, a multimedia platform of media activists. An assembly then started aimed at setting the plan for the mobilization of the following way. The assembly was held in a very democratic way and while all it was first said in German, some activist among the crowd translated the speeches in Italian, Spanish and English. The atmosphere was really relaxed, positive and proactive in the Camp on Thursday the 30th of June.



 After having listened to the Assembly ideas for Friday’s mobilization , i spoke with some activists and journalists in the camp. After that i took the bus back to the Central Station alongside many activists, journalists and bloggers, waiting for the main plan of the following day: the block of the European Central Bank.


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